Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Why and What to Expect

Lymphatic drainage massage in North London utilizes mild, long but light insistent strokes, which encourages the cleansing of toxins from the body through lymphatic flow. The functions of lymph fluid are varied and crucial to the well-being of the body. The fluid is a somewhat yellowish clear material, which is filtered and cleansed by the lymph nodes, which are seen encompassing body organs and tissues. Also, the fluid carries antibodies and white blood cells to organs and these tissues, enabling the body to fight disease thus aiding the immune system.

Lymphatic drainage may benefit a wide variety of states including; arthritis, chronic fatigue, digestive ailments, sleeplessness, migraines, joint problems, sinusitis, skin disorders, muscle pain, and anxiety.


At the initial consultation your therapist will need to establish some advice regarding your general health, lifestyle, medical history and any areas of concern that have driven you to seek the help that is therapists. This advice can be established from by the therapist how regularly you might need to attend and how many sessions you may require reaching a favorable result. Bearing this in mind drinking and abstaining from a large meal any alcohol is also advocated.

The massage treatment is done in a heated room on a massage table, where the client will place under sheets or towels, to enhance lymphatic stream. The strokes and movements are performed in the direction of the lymph nodes, the main areas being armpits, the groin along with the neck. The strokes vary from long, light, gentle flowing movements to a soft pumping movement, all which motivates the lymphatic system. During treatment the therapist is mindful of locating any places of obstruction.

The period of the session will depend upon the areas of the body that need consideration. If any major areas of the body demand are massaging, the session might be an hour to ninety minutes in length. Whereas a session lasting from thirty to sixty minutes might only concentrate on one area of the body, like the arm or leg, if this is location of harm.

Lymphatic drainage may be an extremely relaxing encounter. A rise in energy levels can be experienced even falling asleep during your treatment and following the very first session can frequently occur.

Many folks find Lymphatic Drainage greatly relaxing and relish the anxiety it releases throughout the body. When carried out by a qualified therapist, additionally it is exceptionally safe. It’s wise to perform some research and pick a therapist who’s either a part of, or accredited by, professional body or an organization.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – A Great Way to Control Your Lymphedema

Looking for lymphatic drainage massage in North London is a great treatment to supplement any other approaches you are now using to get relief from your lymphedema symptoms. It may be achieved in another professional setting or the home, and doesn’t require a bit of understanding of the lymphatic system along with anything but hands. Though there are massage therapists who specialize in the right methods to do the treatment, you may find that one can get enough relief from a self-massage. Should you decide to do yourself to the drainage massage, it’s very important to learn the correct procedure of massage.

As it’s especially used to help increase the flow of lymph fluids in the sites where the individual is suffering, drainage massage is different than a normal massage. A special technique is used when massaging the sites encourage the drainage of the lymph fluids that were accumulated and to stop damage to the skin.


In manual drainage massage, the lighter pressure is set on the lymph vessels to push the accumulated fluids out of the places where they’re collecting. A therapist with a certification in  lymphatic drainage massage in Enfield will soon have the ability to perform the massage so that it’s most successful. Utilizing the right amount of pressure is very important because an excessive amount of pressure can negatively disrupt the potency of the lymph vessels you’re attempting to transfer through the fluid. It might be better to locate a massage therapist who has been certified in the right way for those who never have been instructed on the right procedure of massage.

Light pressure is applied to the areas where you intend for the lymph to move to. Groundwork of the places will help the collected fluids to drain easier. Then gentle, circular pressure is applied to the affected sites to encourage the flow of the lymph fluids out of the body. When done correctly, the fluid ought to be emptied affected regions out to the brand new vessels, relieving some the symptoms associated with lymphedema.

Lymphatic massage North London is an excellent system if you’re now just using bandages or wraps to think about as a treatment for your lymphedema. It may be used in addition to other methods because this is a gentle way of helping to clear fluid from the affected regions. Bandages and the wrappings are removed briefly so the massage can be done, and then they’re replaced. Speak to your doctor about using massage as a nutritional supplement to other methods of treatment.